Autograph Pavilion – Frequent Questions

If you plan to attend the upcoming Autograph Session at the Long Beach Expo on February 2, 2019, please review some of the questions that collectors are asking.  No Advanced Ticket Sales are necessary.  Simply come to the Autograph Pavilion, purchase any item on the Greg Townsend Price List (below) and you will be given a FREE Combo Autograph & Photo Opportunity.  Autograph sessions will be held at the Autograph Pavilion (Booth #1535) - see map below.

Autograph Sessions
Q.What are the autograph session times?
A.Session times are for February 2 only:
Saturday - 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.   Greg Townsend
Q.How much are the autographs?
A.Session prices are as follows:
Greg Townsend
$20 Own Item
$29 1986 Topps RC Signed
$49 Mini Helmet Signed
$69 Logo Football Signed
$79 Custom Jersey
$149 Full-Size Helmet
Q.Will you have items available for purchase?
A.Yes.  You can purchase a 1986 Topps RC Signed, Mini Helmet Signed, Logo Football Signed, Custom Jersey Signed, and Full-Size Helmet Signed.
Q.How long will the athlete sign autographs?
A.An autograph session will last 3 hours.
Q.Is there a fee to have my picture taken with the athletes?
A.No fee.  Included with any Merchandise Purchase.
Q.What form of payment do you accept?
A.Cash Only.
Q.Once a Merchandise Item is purchased are we guaranteed the autograph?
A.Yes.  If you purchase any item, you will be given a free autograph & photo opportunity ticket, and if you are in line, you will receive the autograph.
Q.Can I purchase autograph tickets before the actual January 31 - February 2 show?
Q.Can I purchase my autograph tickets online?
Q.Are tickets available for purchase at the show on Thursday and Friday?
Q.When do you stop selling tickets?
A.We will stop selling tickets approximately 10 minutes before the end of the signer's session.
Autograph Procedures
Q.What should I do first once I get there?
A.Go to the Convention Center lobby, register for the show then go to the Autograph Pavilion (booth #1535) on the show floor.  Select your Merchandise you wish to purchase, then purchase and receive your Autograph & Photo Opportunity Ticket(s).
Q.Where can I purchase items for the autograph session?
A.Autograph Pavilion.
Q.If I have two or more items will the signer autograph them all?
A.Yes.  But each item must have a receipt for proof you purchased Merchandise from the Promoter.
Q.If I get there when the show floor opens will I be the first in line for an autograph?
A.First come, first serve basis.